Getting Started

Joining Our WordPress Village


Websites are a great way to publish information for an audience to view.  Before you begin building a website, you will want to be able to answer the following questions:


  • How will you be driving traffic to your website? A website with no traffic will not accomplish anything.
  • Do you have a sustainable budget to promote this website?
  • What domain name will you be using? Will it be easy for people to remember or type on a smart phone?
  • Who will be writing and gathering the content that will be published in your website? Gathering web content for publication (text, images, and movies) is usually the most significant holdup for any website project.
  • Do you have a wireframe sketch of your website?  Your wireframe is your blueprint for building your website.  Number of pages, navigation link names and page names (SEO in consideration) are just some of the elements that need to be identified.
  • Who will be managing the contents of your website? Do they know how to prepare an image or photo for use on the web? Do they know how to prepare a PDF for use on the web (optimizing)?
  • Do you know how to use Google Analytics to help you make healthy choices for your website content? Your website will have Google Analytics installed on board so that you can identify and analyze various traffic patterns.
  • What will your timeline be? When do you plan to go live? Have you allowed enough time to generate and gather your content?  How many content providers do you anticipate?


Once you feel you can confidently answer these questions and have a good idea of your strategy going forward, you will be ready to meet with the Content Builder for your website to discuss the project.

The Wireframe – The Blueprint


A formal wireframe, with content descriptions for each page, will be the first thing to that gets built.  This wireframe will need to be approved by all the stake holders and then it will used by everyone on the project to build your website. Like the construction blueprints used to build an office building, your wireframe (or site taxonomy) will be the most important requirements document you have for your project’s success.

Hosting Space Request Form


You will need Hosting Space in our WordPress Village for your website.  We have developed a WordPress “Hosting Space Request Form” for you to fill out and send to us.  Please fill it out completely and also allow a minimum of 3-4 working days for your new hosting space to be setup. Thank you.